Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Shipping Sector consists from sub-sectors such as different but connected rings , that to supply international and globalization properties more than other sectors. Because of this characteristic , request to use more technology, communications ,  and information according to remain sectors. But the experience is the main particular that the separate Shipping from others.  With in the light of this reality , shipping, management, technical experience content with same importance in our company.

In this context Vento serve Consultancy Service with followings or acting as a management company on behalf of Investors/Owners;

  • To select / advice right vessels for Owners/Investors.
  • To decide of choosen vessel from NB options or from market.
  • Pre-survey of vessels
  • Market and freight analysis for investors
  • Flag State requirements, registeration formalities
  • Classification Survey requirements, certifications, preparations

Technical Consultancy

Maritime transportation is the most important part of Marine Trading and place the forefront  of our main activities.

And the vessel is first component of marine transportation. Only the presence of the ship does not mean anything in terms of transportation. Exsisting vessel need to be accoutred according to  international rules / IMO rules, and need to be updated .

Our Technical Department composed of people ,who has enough experience and equiped with enough knowledge , who  can arrange all necessary formalities , to figure out all possible technical problems.

In this scope ;

Vento can serve to all Investors/Owners who need consultancy in , Ship management, hull and machinery repair, docking, follow up classification process, pre-survey to choice right vessel to buy, etc.

New Building Consultancy

Service as per content of Contract

Evaluation and decide of Shipyard, review of technical conditions, and negotiations, and review of contract.

Examine of Design

Scopes of equipment, plans appriving, conformity to international rules, optimum abilities for all necessary operations onboard, and applicable terms to use and easy maintenance.

New Building and Delivery

Inspections/surveys during building period, shop test of equipments and commitionings, crew familiarisations.

Monitoring of The Warranty Period

On behalf of the Owners , respond to requests from vessel , and to communicate relevant manufacturer. To support to Technical department to prevent any interruption of operation during Warranty Period.

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