Consulting Services

Shipping Sector consists from sub-sectors such as different but connected rings , that to supply international and globalization properties more than other sectors. Because of this characteristic , request to use more technology, communications,  and information according to remain sectors.

Management Services

Shipping Management is the main activity of our company. Specially in bulk cargo and general cargo vessels. We carry out technical side of management as per IMO and international rules, to consider with trade competition.

Ship Chartering and Brokering Services

Vento Shipping  Ltd. serve world wide  ship brokering service, with direct contacts as Charterer/Owner from different parts of the world.

Ship Repairs and Maintenance

Shipbuilding and ship repair includes the manufacture, repair, and maintenance of ships. Ships require robust designs and continuous maintenance and refit operations to keep them in good working order. Technical, operational and regulatory matters for maritime operations are constantly evolving, there is a need to advance knowledge on current and emerging issues in shipping and construction.