Ship Repairs and Maintenance

Ship Repairs and Maintenance

Shipbuilding and ship repair includes the manufacture, repair, and maintenance of ships. Ships require robust designs and continuous maintenance and refit operations to keep them in good working order. Technical, operational and regulatory matters for maritime operations are constantly evolving, there is a need to advance knowledge on current and emerging issues in shipping and construction.

We have considerable network of shipyards in Turkey, especially in Tuzla and Yalova region, where we offer world-class maintenance services for all types of ship, from the shortest stopovers to extended programmes including intermediate and class renewal surveys. Our workshops & technical teams are fully equipped with modern devices and the necessary materials to provide ship repair services, maintenance and reconditioning facilities to our clients, 24/7 on every single day of the year. All fabrication works are personally managed and handled by our joint alliance skilled workmen as we take pride to ensure that all repaired or fabricated items do not require a rework or refitting. We also manage and provide riding crews to execute repair and engineering works during sea voyage.

Throughout the jobs carried out over the years by our team, we gained substantial experience, developed and refined our repair technology and have successfully accomplished a great number of contracts for our national and international clients. Furthermore, Our team of experienced engineers and technicians provide the flexibility to carry out any kind of work on board a vessel to the satisfaction of ship-owners and in compliance with classification society requirements as usual.
Vento maintains extensive different activities for the shipping industry and comprises following main issues;

  • Contact Damaged / Emergency Collision Repairs
  • Repair works & Technical maintenance at all ports of Turkey
  • Bow Thruster / Rudder Repairs
  • On-voyage Repairs
  • Maintenance services for Bridge Equipment
  • Mechanical Works (All Kinds of Engine and Equipment Services
  • All kinds of Hydraulic System Repairs
  • Electric Equipment and Machinery Repairs
  • Automation / Electrical and Electronics Systems Repairs
  • Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Systems Repairs
  • Crane / Davit / Winch & Rescue boat / Lifeboat Repairs
  • Cell Guide / Hatch Cover & Accommodation Ladder Repair

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